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YaahooJournalist.com is a news website with its headquarter in Lagos, Nigeria, focused on unveiling the truth in an era where fake news thrives.


We are a modern media house with a different view of news gathering and delivery. We are aware of the fake news trend in the online media and have taken up the challenge to correct this ugly trend. We are out to rewrite the rules on how news publishing should be practiced in a digital age.


In a time where internet fraud has since taken over the cyberspace, a group of journalists came together in a bid to expose these frauds, hence the name “Yaahoo Journalist.” This is our own quota in making Nigeria a “corruption-free” country.

The team at Yaahoo Journalist delivers reliable and verified Nigerian, Africa and world news in a simple, easy-to-read format; just the way news should be delivered.

With a dedicated team of experienced journalists and editors in our newsroom, plus strong alliances with some of the biggest news agencies in and outside Nigeria, we cover events in Nigeria, Africa, and the world at large.

All contents on www.yaahoojournalist.com are verified and published on the sound judgment of our seasoned editors.


Yaahoo Journalist is of the view that the media can positively or negatively influence people’s individual and collective decision-making processes, with a massive multiplier effect on the society, hence, we have chosen to help build our society through accurate reportage.