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Ekiti Youngest Bishop Releases 2020 Prophecies, Predicts Bloodshed


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Ekiti youngest Bishop and the General overseer of the Good Rock of salvation spiritual church of Christ Aladura(GRSSCCA) in Ado Ekiti, Bishop (Dr) Michael Oba oro, has released 2020 Prophecies.


YaahooJournalist reports that the Ekiti youngest Bishop releases the 2020 Prophecies in at the church service at Good Rock of salvation spiritual church of Christ Aladura(GRSSCCA)- Ado Ekiti on Friday, January 3.


In the 2020 Prophecies, the Bishop warned Nigerians to be prayerful and also take their spiritual life serious as there will be bloodshed in the year 2020.

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Ekiti youngest Bishop 2020 Prophecies 

The GRSSCCA advised Christians to be prayerful and vigilant, stressing that kidnapping, insurgency, clashes, riots, security challenges among others will be experienced by Nigerians this year.

According to him, “The year 2020 will be a challenging year year but don’t be afraid, obey all God commandments”.

Speaking on Ekiti, the Ekiti youngest Bishop said, “Isee the State Governor Dr John kayode Fayemi shaken in office, there will also be reshufflement at the top seat In the government as Some permanent secretaries will be sacked And teachers will be relieved of their duties in the state.”

Read Ekiti Youngest Bishop’s 2020 Prophecies below…

1. There will be bloodshed in 2020

2. Politicians will rise against one another

3. Drivers will combat one another

4. Evil spirit majorly
possessed by young ladies and little girl will dominate in 2020 and their primary target is to destroy men’s lives

5. Covetous and greedy men will be dealt with by the women in 2020

6. Men will be more kidnapped in 2020. Though, the reason for this action is undefined

7. There will be inflation in the course of the year.
That is, situations of
things will rise and then fall and later rise again indefinitely

8. It is the year of sole – proprietors

9. Money will cease at a point from the Federal Government

10. New born babies will die at a high rate in 2020

11. It is a year we shall necessarily need to unlock the door of money we have saved for survival.

12. There will be riot in 2020

13. Salaries will not flow the way it ought to in 2020

14. Prophet will die in 2020

15. 2020 is the reign and dominance of evil doers and their devilish acts

16. Attendance of the people in Church will reduce drastically in 2020, for faith will be forgotten

17. Government workers will be involved in internet fraudsters in 2020. However, luckily for them, they will be blessed through it

18. 2020 is the year of perfection for the true child of God

19. Rich people will be struggling to survive in 2020, but, children of God will gain their possessions with ease


1. The State Governor will be shaken in office in 2020

2. There will be reshuffling at the top seat

3. Some permanent secretaries will be sacked

4. Some teachers will be relieved of their duties


1. The more you work in the house of God, the more you receive more

2. Remain steady in 2020, and hold your position tight

3. There will be competition among the church members, most especially the youths

4. God will lift the church members in 2020 if only they obey the voice of


1. Do not be afraid in 2020

2. We must diligently serve God in 2020 (Deut. 28: 1-2)

3. We must obey the voice of God


4. We must obey His Commandments and abide with them.

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